About Moio's

antique_photo1.jpgWe began in the East Liberty section of Pittsburgh in 1935. My grandfather, Raphael Moio, had worked his way west from New York City once immigrating from Calabria, Italy in 1913. After working as a pastry chef in hotels he finally settled in Pittsburgh where he opened his own pastry shop. At that time East Liberty, specifically the Larimer Avenue section, was our “Little Italy.”

antique_photo2.jpgHis oldest son, Tony, my father, came into the business after returning from duty in WW2. We remained in East Liberty until a fire gutted the bakery in 1968. After remodeling and incorporating a Baskin Robbins in our location, we eventually ended up at the Monroeville Mall’s Food Annex in 1972. Our store thrived in its new location where we made lot’s of new friends! Sadly in 1976 I lost both of my parents.

antique_photo3.jpgSo at the age of 19 I unexpectedly became the new owner of Moio’s Italian Pastry Shop. With lots of help from my 2 uncles, my aunt and my sister I grew into the position. In 1978 I hired a young sales girl named Meg Owens who would later become my loving wife. Moio’s continued to grow and prosper so in 1991 I moved the store to its present location on Rt. 22 near the Turnpike entrance.

After 70 years of Cannolis, Rum Cakes, and Sfogliatelle Moio’s Italian Pastry Shop is baking into the 21st century with the same quality and care that young Raphael Moio started way back in 1935.

– Tony Moio