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Our fancy Italian cookie assortment:

  • Pignoli

  • Fancy Macaroon

  • Plain Macaroon

  • Coconut Macaroon

  • Chocolate Covered Coconut

  • Fruit Filled

  • Golden Nut Bar

  • Jelly Filled

  • Thumbprint

  • Butterball

  • Butter Cherry

  • Butter Nut

  • Chocolate Crescent

  • Lemon Cut

  • Sesame

  • Chocolate Filled

  • Raspberry Filled

  • Fruit Biscotti

  • Heart Cut

We've been family owned and family run since 1935. Expect quality from us.

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  • 3 Pound Tray (about 6 dozen) - $65.00

  • 5 Pound Tray (about 10 dozen) - $105.00

  • Small Box (about 3 dozen) - $25.00

  • Large Box (about 4 dozen) - $40.00


Italian Cookie Trays - Includes our full assortment of Italian cookies. Prices are subject to change

Prices are subject to change. Shipping will be added to all prices seen above.


Cookies can be shipped anywhere in the US!

Tony's Tips

Our Italian cookie selections are sold by the pound. You'll get about 2 dozen cookies in the one pound assortment. We normally recommend 1 - 2 pounds for every 10 people.


If you're serving cookies at a wedding or big party, you may want to put them out after dinner with coffee. People will be fuller at that time and won't need as many.


We recommend the full assortment for large gatherings, but you can certainly pick and choose what you like. Of course, this will affect the price.


Our Italian selection will stay fresh up to 2 weeks, if kept refrigerated. If you double wrap them, they'll stay fresh up to 3 months in the freezer.

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